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Closed Loop Stepper Motor and Driver Package with Absolute Sensor 0.36° (AZ AC) (FLEX)

AZ Series

Closed Loop Motor-Driver Packages with Absolute Sensor


  • Absolute sensor
  • Position control
  • Low heat development
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Product: Info
Product code
TypeFrame sizeMax. holding torqueElectromagnetic brakeOnline price *
AZM46AC-FC10DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm1 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC10UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm1 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC20DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm2 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC20UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm2 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC30DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm3 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC30UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm3 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC7.2DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm0.7 NmNo£305.10
AZM46AC-FC7.2UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm0.7 NmNo£305.10
AZM46MC-FC10DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm1 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC10UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm1 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC20DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm2 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC20UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm2 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC30DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm3 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC30UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm3 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC7.2DA Right-angle gearhead42 mm0.7 NmYes£387.00
AZM46MC-FC7.2UA Right-angle gearhead42 mm0.7 NmYes£387.00
AZM66AC-FC10DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm3.5 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC10UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm3.5 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC20DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm7 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC20UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm7 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC30DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm10.5 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC30UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm10.5 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC7.2DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm2.5 NmNo£344.70
AZM66AC-FC7.2UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm2.5 NmNo£344.70
AZM66MC-FC10DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm3.5 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC10UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm3.5 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC20DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm7 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC20UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm7 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC30DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm10.5 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC30UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm10.5 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC7.2DA Right-angle gearhead60 mm2.5 NmYes£450.90
AZM66MC-FC7.2UA Right-angle gearhead60 mm2.5 NmYes£450.90
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