Axial Fans

Axial flow fans are available in different sizes and for both AC and DC rated voltage.

Energy-saving for AC Input (EMU)

The brushless motor ensures low power consumption. The voltage range covers single phase 100-240 V (50/60 Hz).

Energy-saving with Variable Air Flow for AC Input (EMR)

Large AC input axial fan. Equipped with a highly efficient brushless motor and newly developed driver for low power consumption and variable speed.

AC Input (MU)

Small AC input axial fans. An extensive product range is available.

AC-Input (MRS)

Large AC input axial fans. A full range of products is available with high airflow and high static pressure characteristics.

Long-Life with/without Low Speed Alarm for AC-Input (MRE)

Long life AC input axial fan with a lifetime of about 100,000 hours.

With/Without Stall Alarm for DC Input (MDS/MD)

Axial fans with 24 VDC input suitable for ventilation cooling.

With Low Speed Alarm for DC-Input (MDA)

Long-Life with Stall Alarm for DC-Input (MDE)

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