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High Torque Stepper Motors 1.8° - 0.018° (PKP)

PKP Series

High-Torque Stepper Motors


  • High torque
  • Low heat development
  • Energy saving
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InfoFrame sizeHolding torqueConnection typeOnline price *
PKP233D15A Standard35 mm0.2 Nmbipolar£20.70
PKP233D15A-R2EL Standard35 mm0.2 Nmbipolar£54.00
PKP233D15B Standard35 mm0.2 Nmbipolar£21.60
PKP233D15M Standard35 mm0.2 Nmbipolar£77.40
PKP233D23A Standard35 mm0.2 Nmbipolar£20.70
PKP233D23B Standard35 mm0.2 Nmbipolar£21.60
PKP233U12A Standard35 mm0.16 Nmunipolar£20.70
PKP233U12A-R2EL Standard35 mm0.16 Nmunipolar£54.00
PKP233U12B Standard35 mm0.16 Nmunipolar£21.60
PKP233U12M Standard35 mm0.16 Nmunipolar£77.40
PKP235D15A Standard35 mm0.37 Nmbipolar£24.30
PKP235D15A-R2EL Standard35 mm0.37 Nmbipolar£58.50
PKP235D15B Standard35 mm0.37 Nmbipolar£26.10
PKP235D15M Standard35 mm0.37 Nmbipolar£81.90
PKP235D23A Standard35 mm0.37 Nmbipolar£24.30
PKP235D23B Standard35 mm0.37 Nmbipolar£26.10
PKP235U12A Standard35 mm0.3 Nmunipolar£24.30
PKP235U12A-R2EL Standard35 mm0.3 Nmunipolar£58.50
PKP235U12B Standard35 mm0.3 Nmunipolar£26.10
PKP235U12M Standard35 mm0.3 Nmunipolar£81.90
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