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Parallel Shaft Gears

GN/GE Series

Standard gearhead for asynchronous motors


  • Simple speed reduction
  • Long life
  • Low noise
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Product code
Frame sizePermissible overhung loadPermissible thrust loadGear ratioOnline price *
4GN100S 80 mm200-300 N50 N100£45.00
4GN10XS 80 mm  10£37.80
4GN12.5S 80 mm100-150 N50 N12.5£36.90
4GN120S 80 mm200-300 N50 N120£45.00
4GN150S 80 mm200-300 N50 N150£45.00
4GN15S 80 mm100-150 N50 N15£36.90
4GN180S 80 mm200-300 N50 N180£45.00
4GN18S 80 mm100-150 N50 N18£36.90
4GN25S 80 mm200-300 N50 N25£41.40
4GN3.6S 80 mm100-150 N50 N3.6£36.90
4GN30S 80 mm200-300 N50 N30£41.40
4GN36S 80 mm200-300 N50 N36£41.40
4GN3S 80 mm100-150 N50 N3£36.90
4GN50S 80 mm200-300 N50 N50£45.00
4GN5S 80 mm100-150 N50 N5£36.90
4GN60S 80 mm200-300 N50 N60£45.00
4GN6S 80 mm100-150 N50 N6£36.90
4GN7.5S 80 mm100-150 N50 N7.5£36.90
4GN75S 80 mm200-300 N50 N75£45.00
4GN90S 80 mm200-300 N50 N90£45.00
4GN9S 80 mm100-150 N50 N9£36.90
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