Gesamtkatalog 2017/2018 EN






header banner AZ mit 10%

Savings with the new AZ Series

Equipped with Battery-Free
Absolute Sensor

• Save on an extra sensor and wiring
• Save costs of purchase
• Save set up time

BLE2 Banner UK

BLE2 Series

An advanced Brushless DC Package,
which is both easy to use and feature rich.

• Torque Limiting Capability
• Multiple Speed-Change Operation Max. 16 Speeds
• Watertight and Dust-Resistant (degree of protection IP66)
• The Driver can be Digitally Set and Controlled   
   via the Drivers Front Panel
• Speed Setting Via PC and External Signals


BMU Banner UK

BMU Series

Easy speed control, easier to use.
New connector type with smart wiring.

• Directly Connect the Motor and Driver
• Select the Cable Pull-out Direction
• Various functions can be set by opening the front
  panel of the driver
• Easy Operation
• Easy Wiring